Our Veterans Here At SC

Elizabeth Firlie, Editor in Chief

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Here at SC, we have two teachers that have served in our military. Some may not know this, but our very own English teacher, Mr. Owings and one of our counselors, Mrs. Seargent, have both been overseas, fighting for our country. We can’t thank you guys enough for protecting our country!

Mr. Owings, or, Specialist Owings, attended Valley Forge High School, a military academy. Mr. Owings decided to go into the military because his father had also served. “It was something that had always interested me as a kid, it was something that would challenge me.”. Mr. Owings served four years in the Army, and in the Maryland National Guard. Thank you Mr. Owings for everything you do!!

Mrs. Seargent did not attend a military academy, but she did attend Westminster High School. She served six and a half years active duty, and four years on reserve for the Navy. Mrs. Seargent says she joined the Navy to help pay for college- and she really liked traveling. Thank you Mrs. Seargent for everything you do!!

Make sure you go thank both of these teachers today!! We can’t thank you guys enough for protecting our country!

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Our Veterans Here At SC