Teaching a cheerleader new tricks

Julia Mager, Author

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The cheerleaders of South Carroll High School are excited for another great season. They were very happy how their fall season ended but feel that there is always room for improvement. With that said , some of the cheerleaders mentioned what they would like to see change in the upcoming season. They would love to see some of the cheerleader’s progress and get their back handspring, round off back handspring tuck, and front walkovers. A back handspring is a back flip with your hands touching the ground, a tuck is basically the same thing only difference is you don’t touch the ground and your knees are tucked into your chest. Lastly a front walkover is when you step out with one foot and go into a handstand position and kick over. Cheerleader Cheyenne Deniker has been working very hard to get her running tuck so she can add it into this season’s routine. Also, Olivia Provenza is continuously working with her tumbling instructor to get her back handspring to put into the routine as well. As for stunts the girls, were very proud of themselves when they go their switch ups last season and they want to start where they left off to keep things moving along. They’re hoping once winter season get going they’ll get their tick tocks to add more difficulty on the score sheet. Lastly Bailey Ridings, Taylor Becker, and Julia Mager would like to include more creative motion throughout the routine to make it more fun and entertaining to watch.  Yes, it sounds like one big list but the girls are ready to make the change in their overall performance to reach top three in their competitions . The students of South Carroll should be excited to see what the cheerleaders have in store for this season. Good luck to all cheerleaders this season.

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Teaching a cheerleader new tricks