Gobble till you Wobble- What South Carroll is Thankful For

Elizabeth Firlie, Editor in Chief

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The Cavaliers are more than excited for Thanksgiving break. We went around to ask what people were thankful for, and their plans for the break.

“I’m thankful that my family is happy and healthy”, says Cole Evans (senior). Aubrey Lawrence (sophomore) says shes thankful for “my family, friends, and of course, basketball”. When we asked Mr. Luette what he was thankful for, he had to think for while, “

there are so many things I am thankful for, how can I choose just one!?”

— Mr. Luette

“. Mr. Steadman answered quickly, “Taco Bell.”.

Senior, Leanne Harris exclaimed, “I am excited to get my wisdom teeth out over break!!”. Dominic Roberts says he is going to his aunts house to celebrate the holiday. Mr. Owings says “My family enjoy eating lots of food and of course, watching the football game.”.

Our school has a lot to be thankful for this year!! Make sure to have fun with your traditions this year and eat lots of turkey!!

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Gobble till you Wobble- What South Carroll is Thankful For