Baby Got (Trivia) Crack

Corinne Kearney, Editor in Chief

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Remember the app that became wildly popular in 2014? The one that students would hide under desks and play whenever they weren’t in class? That’s right everyone, Trivia Crack is back for round 2 at South Carroll.

The app was created originally launched on October 26, 2013 to Latin American countries in Spanish. Trivia Crack was later translated to English and became the most downloaded game from the app store in December 2014. Today, the game is available in more than 15 different languages. People are able to challenge their friends or randomly generated components all over the world.

Trivia crack consists of 6 categories/characters: Hector the history character, Tito the geography character, Bonzo the sports character, Pop the entertainment character, Tina the art character, and Al the science character. The object of Trivia Crack is to win all 6 characters before your opponent. The game begins with a challenge. One player spins the wheel with the different categories to receive varying multiple choice questions. In order to receive a character, you must answer 3 questions correctly in a row and then answer a question from your desired category. Another possibility is landing on the crown space. You can automatically skip to a character question.

It’s so much fun to beat your friends”

— Niya Pattasseril

So why is Trivia Crack popular again? “It’s very competitive and it gets everyone involved.” Cole Evans explained. Other students believe it was brought back to the school by a single person. “My sister @tswagner8 brought back trivia crack!” exclaimed Anthony Wagner. Many other students can also trace back Trivia Crack to Taylor Wagner. The local trendsetter explained that other students in her Career and Technology class were playing and she decided to re-download the app. Her friends were hesitant at first, but soon the app would spread like wildfire.

What is the best category? An overwhelming number of students enjoy the entertainment category due to pop-culture references and popular TV shows, but others have a different opinion. “I like science because I get to use my knowledge from CCCTC.” answered Leanne Harris. “Art is my favorite even though no one else like it.” Katherine Czaja explained. And it’s not just students in the Trivia Crack fever, teachers enjoy the game too! “History is my favorite because I know all the answers.” recalled Mr. Steadman.

So get in on the Trivia Crack action before it’s over!

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Baby Got (Trivia) Crack