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Taylor Pate, Author

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This year South Carroll students involved in the club It’s Academic are participating in the “It’s Academic Quiz Show”. This show consists of three teams each round competing against each other, hopefully making it to the playoffs. It’s Academic Quiz Show is Americas foremost high school quiz. The topics mainly cover history, literature, science, math, Bible, mythology, sports, general information and current events. South Carroll will be competing in this event on January sixth against two other teams Baltimore City, and New Town but the competition wont be aired until March 17th, 2018. South Carroll’s Its Academic club has eight members, but only three are able to compete on the TV show. The three members competing are Robyn Anzulis, Lizzie Gabel, and Alex Culkin. South Carroll has been participating in this event for the past 15 years, and has never made it past round two. Whichever team wins the quiz show wins a cash prize, hopefully this year, the SCHS team will make it to round 3. To find out more go to

Good luck to South Carroll’s It’s Academic club!


Fun Fact

Hillary Clinton participated in an “Its Academic” team during her high school career

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It’s Academic!