Three SC Students selected for State Legislature

Corinne Kearney, Editor in Chief

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Last week, the student pages were selected to serve the State Legislature on 2 non-consecutive weeks. Of the 4 students and 1 alternate selected from Carroll County, 3 were from South Carroll. Nico Lindsay and Robyn Anzulis were both selected to go to Annapolis starting in January. Charlotte Crook was selected as the on alternate to attend if another student cannot.

This program is designed for high school seniors who are interested in government. The students will be able to maintain the bill books of individual delegates and senators, run errands, distribute literature, and provide general assistance to the legislators. This is a rare experience to see inside the state legislature.

Robyn applied because of her interest in government. She wanted to be a math major in college and specialize in public policy. She wants to go to law school and feels like this would be a good place to start. Nico and Charlotte were intrigued by the opportunity after it was mentioned my their social studies teacher, Mr. Moran. All three students are interested in pursuing government careers in their future.

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Three SC Students selected for State Legislature