Guest speaker at SC takes students back to Sykesville’s hidden roots.

Elizabeth Firlie, Editor in Chief

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Recently, one of our Cavaliers organized an event for a guest speaker to come in and talk about diversity in Sykesville. Jack White, the guest speaker came in to talk about his book In Carrie’s Footprints. The book chronicles the life of Warren Dorsey, the ninth child out of 12 of his former slave mother Carrie. The story takes readers from Dorsey’s beginning in an impoverished farm house outside of Sykesville to an impressive career at as a teacher and principal in predominantly white Maryland schools. The story is not just one of triumph over adversity, but the now hidden history of our ‘cool small town in America’. White and Mr. Dorsey, now 93, spent time in the Media Center sharing the history of Dorsey and Sykesville.

Narayan Spaur, a junior here at South Carroll, was inspired by his mother to invite Mr.White to speak at our school. He says Mr. White’s experience has touched the people who came to listen, and hopes it has an effect on our community. “My goal for this event was to get more of a world view on diversity.” And he was successful, as all attendees felt it was an eye opening experience, learning about the diversity here in Carroll County.

The students who participated in this event also got to go on a field trip. A total of 15 people attended the field trip. They visited the Gates House Museum, Bushey Park Cemetary, and Sykesville’s first colored schoolhouse, all sights discussed in White’s book. You can learn more about these historic sites by visiting

Thank you to Narayan Spaur and Mrs. Tiffany for organizing this amazing event. Make sure to read the book and talk to Narayan if you have any questions!

Mr. Dorsey and his wife tell stories in the old colored schoolhouse, where he attended school.

Students enter the refurbished colored school house. the historical society brought the building back to it’s original condition from 1904.

News anchor Denise Koch from WJZ in Baltimore speaks with Mrs. Tiffany and Narayan Spaur about their experience.

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Guest speaker at SC takes students back to Sykesville’s hidden roots.