The Many Faces of Career and Tech

Elizabeth Firlie, Editor in Chief

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Here at South Carroll High School, we have many students who have gotten a head start on their future career by attending the Carroll County Career and Technology Center. Career and Tech offers many programs to help all students in the county.

At South Carroll alone, we have about 100 students enrolled in the Tech Center. 10 are juniors, and about 90 are seniors. Some of the programs people have enrolled in include nursing, physical therapy, engineering, biomedical sciences, cysco networking, cosmetology, fashion design, auto repair, and culinary arts.

The Academy of Health Professions has two different programs. In total we have nine students enrolled in the nursing program, and four in the physical rehabilitation program. Katherine Czaja says the nursing program will give her a head start on her future career, becoming a nurse practitioner.  Hannah Kelley is also enrolled in the nursing program. Hannah says “I enjoy the real life experience provided for the students.” Claire Turcotte decided to enroll in the Physical Rehabilitation program to get extra knowledge about the health care field.

The Biomedical Engineering program is a two year course that is for students with interest in the medical field. Tori Franklin says “The course provides background knowledge of the human body and its function.” Marilyn Dongmo-Zebazae decided to enroll in the biomedical engineering program because she is interested in going into the medical field.

The engineering program is also a two year course that provides students with information that will help them in their future engineering career. Brett Finzel decided to enroll in the program because his older brother, Brady, also went through the program and enjoyed the projects. The engineering program is the fall semester of junior year and spring semester of senior year.

The culinary arts program is a great way for students to get experience in making food, infection control, and learning how to work in a restaurant setting. Natalie Hilman says “I have always wanted to be a chef and saw an opportunity to learn more.” She says its a lot of fun and recommends it to anyone with interest in the culinary field.

The criminal justice program is great for anyone with interest in the secret service, police, or anything related to criminal justice. Kyle Hardy gets a lot of real life experience and wants to go into the secret service. Students learn how to fingerprint, and how to put a person in handcuffs.

Above are just a few of the many amazing programs at the career and tech center. Upperclassman strongly encourage underclassman to apply to the tech center if they have any interest at all in any of the programs. This is a great way for students to get real life experience, and a great way to get a head start on their college major, and future career.





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The Many Faces of Career and Tech