The Special Talents of South Carroll

Elizabeth Firlie, Editor in Chief

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Did you know how many talented students we have here at South Carroll? We found out a lot about the students and their many special talents.

Will Bogardus (senior) showed us how he can lick his elbow. This talent is pretty impressive because only 1 in 100 people can lick their elbow. Britney Fowler (senior) can do two clap push-ups. Clap push-ups are pretty difficult to do, and take a lot of strength.

Mr. Luette says he has way too many special talents, so he couldn’t show us all of them.

Aubrey Lawrence (sophomore) showed off her baby impression. Narayan (junior) can touch his tongue to his nose. Only 10% of people can do this. Ryan Sealfon (sophomore) can do two heel clicks in one jump. Faith Hawkins (junior) and Mia Mackenzie (junior) can “yerp”. They love showing this talent to other people.

Leanne Harris (senior) is double jointed and can do a cool trick with her fingers. Sophie Stromberg (senior) can hit a “G6” which is a very high music note.

We have so many talented students here at South Carroll. Let us know if you have any talents to show off!!

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The Special Talents of South Carroll