Saying Goodbye to Coach Luette

Corinne Kearney, Editor in Chief

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After 32 years of coaching football at different schools, Coach Steve Luette has finally decided to step down as head coach at South Carroll. Over the years, he was the offensive coordinator at South Carroll from 1997-2003 and the head coach from 2009-2017. Coach Luette has been a science teacher at our school for the last 17 years, and plans to continue teaching.

The decision to step down followed news that he is becoming a grandfather in the summer. He also needed more time to be dedicated to outside business interests in the future. Unfortunately, he could not longer put in the hours required to be a coach.

Coach Luette made a big impact on the South Carroll Football program and all of the players involved. “His legacy will never be forgotten,” stated Matthew Gamble “I wish him luck in his future endeavors.” Many players and fans will miss him dearly, but the decision is understandable.

During his coaching, Coach Luette has led many teams in successful seasons, such as their undefeated in-county season in 2010. Coach Luette believes that he has had lots of talent pass through the program and many successful seasons in the past. He wishes all of the players he has brought up good luck in the future.

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Saying Goodbye to Coach Luette