HVAC day? SC closed due to heating/ water issues.

Taylor Pate, Author

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As many know, SCHS students had off on Monday, January 8th due to HVAC issues in the building. South Carroll’s HVAC system runs on hot water. The hot water runs to coils which are then heated and provide heat to the classrooms. Beginning on Saturday afternoon, two heating units on the left side of the media center failed. Due to these failures, the water pipes in them burst and hot water poured from the units. It flooded the carpet on the left side of the media center. The carpet has been cleaned and one of the heating units has been repaired to working order.
To make matters worse, on Sunday while the media center was being cleaned, the heating unit in F 125 (child development) failed. This caused hot water to spill into all three of the child development rooms and into the lower F wing hallway. Later in the day, units in Steadman’s class – and then every classroom straight down the hallway to MacIvor’s room failed, with some rooms receiving more water issues than others – from water running onto the floor to spraying all the way across the room.
The HVAC crew put in loads of hard work and effort to help fix the HVAC system and worked from 7:00am to 5:00pm. The majority of the pipes and coils have been repaired in most units.
The rooms that were affected have been dry cleaned and most have at least one heating unit that is operating and able to provide heat but many things in the classrooms may be damaged and still may not be “in order”.
Until everything is up and running smoothly, several teachers will have their classes relocated. Thankfully no damage was permanent and no one was hurt.

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HVAC day? SC closed due to heating/ water issues.