What’s Hot in the Halls: Jacket Edition

Will Bogardus, Author

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What’s Hot in the Halls: Jacket Edition
Hey SC! It’s Will Bo. I’m coming at you with another what’s hot in the halls: jacket edition. Since it’s really cold outside, we will look at the hottest jacket options: biker, bomber, parka, trench, and North Face jackets. So put on your coat, this might get chilly.

Biker Jacket: Our first style goes way back to the 60s when Harley Davidson was the first to make the biker jacket. This year, they made a comeback from being protective gear to fashion wear. This classic goes great with a pair a biker boots, jeans, and a vintage band t-shirt.
The Bomber Jacket: This second jacket finds its origins in World War I when they were worn by fighter pilots for protection. These functional jackets are light enough to wear in the beginning of spring and fall. This on trend outwear helps any outfit pop with style. Topshop/Topmen have a variety of styles and colors to fit your personal vibe. Complete your bomber jacket ensemble with a pair of Vans, jeans, and a t-shirt.
Canada Goose Parka: This classic Canadian coat was created by Sam Tick in the 1950s. These jackets are really cozy and warm. Tip: if you’re into bright colored jackets and staying warm, you’ll love this coat.
Trench coat: Great Britain’s well known designer, Burberry, created the trench coat in 1850s. This sophisticated coat works well with a pair of black stilettos, black jeans, a tied Vogue t-shirt, and a cute pair of Quay Australia sunglasses.
The North Face jacket: The last jacket is the classic North Face. They were founded in 1968, San Francisco, CA. Stay warm and casual with a pair of Uggs, a pair of skinny jeans, and a graphic t-shirt.

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What’s Hot in the Halls: Jacket Edition