What’s Hot in the Halls: Guys Edition

Will Bogardus, Author

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Hey SC! It’s Will Bo. I’m coming at you with my second to last article with What’s Hot in the Halls: Guys’ edition. I’ll be talking about Vineyard Vines bowties, Sperry top-siders, colorful khakis, flannels, and pajama pants. Grab your soda and start reading.
Vineyard Vines Bowties: The first thing I’ll be talking about is the VV bowtie. This company goes back to the 90s when Shep and Ian the owners of vineyard vines were just selling ties on the beach of Martha Vineyard. Now, they are a huge brand not just selling ties, but clothing. These bowties go great with a button-up, khakis, and boat shoes.
Sperry Top-Siders: The shoes I’ll be talking about is Sperrys. These shoes were created in the 30s by Paul A. Sperry, and they were created to have no slip on a boat. In 2009, it became brand of the year because they were non slippery and stylish. They also partner with the US sailing team. Sperrys go great with a polo, khaki shorts, and white Nike socks.
Colorful Khakis: The common color for military uniforms are is khaki. Khaki in Hindi means “dusty” or “dust.” The first time colored khakis were worn was by the British Indian army in 1846. These can be worn with a nice tie, boat shoes, and a button-up shirt.
Flannels: The fourth item of clothing are flannels. The origin of flannel is uncertain, but Welsh is the suggested fabric of flannel. The fabric was invented in the 17th century. Shrewsbury Drapers Company was the first trade company that traded flannels. These go great with jeans, a t-shirt underneath, and Converse.
Pajama Pants: The last item of clothing goes out to all the guys that come to school with their Pajama pants. Some people call them PJs, jimmies, jimjams, jimmyjams or jammies. Some teachers have “Pajama Days” for special rewards. These go with a sweatshirt, Ugg slippers, and a t-shirt.

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What’s Hot in the Halls: Guys Edition