Womens March 2018

Elizabeth Firlie, Editor in Chief

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This past Saturday, thousands of people gathered in downtown Baltimore to support the Womens March across the country. Our own Young Democrats club took a trip down to Baltimore to show their support. Claire Turcotte, Britney Fowler, Kirk Reardon, Lilly Cooper, Narayan Spar, and Christina Wolfrey represented South Carroll.

Organizers said this year’s rally is called March On The Polls. The goal is to get more women registered to vote and to encourage women to run for office. There were many speakers at the march and music for everyone to dance to.

Narayan Spar says he decided to go to the march because, “I have a sister and a mother, and I support womens rights!” Narayan enjoys being in the Young Democrats club because he stands for equality. He said overall the experience was very empowering.

Lilly Cooper also says the experience was very empowering. “A lot of the posters we made supported the pro choice vote, it was nice to see how many people are standing up for what they believe in.” Lilly also says shes very honored to be apart of a club that supports womens rights, and wants to remind students to come to the girls basketball game this Friday to show support for the girls.

Huge thank you to everyone who showed their support for the Womens March this weekend!!


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Womens March 2018