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Do you have a social media account? About 81% of Americans use social media in 2017. A major issue of today’s social media is people are copying or posting fake content to get likes or followers. This happens on Instagram, BuzzFeed, Twitter, and VSCO.
Jake Paul is a famous Viner and has a Youtube vlog channel. Paul runs Team 10 house, which is a group of Instagram and Youtube influencers that Paul teaches how to maximize their social media. Erika Costell is a Youtuber, model, and Instagram influencer and a part of Team 10. For over a year, Jake and Erika carried on a public relationship on Youtube. They even got “married” in Vegas, but it was a fake relationship. Paul posted a video on September 16, 2017 to tell everyone the truth about their relationship “Jerika”, which was their ship name. Their relationship was just for Paul’s increase views of the channel.
Recently, “Facetune”, an app where you can photo edit everything on your body, has become a popular on social media. The Kardashian-Jenner family uses it all the time. Kim Kardashian and the girls use Facetune to make their waists smaller and their butts bigger, especially Kendall. She is known to have the smallest butt in the family and she really knows how utilize Facetune. As you may know Khloe is pregnant and has a clothing line called “Good American”. During a photo shoot with Khloe was modeling, the company and Khloe photo shopped her 6 month belly bump away to hide the pregnancy. Another case was last year when Selena Gomez’s make-up and hair stylist, who wasn’t named, thought that her hair didn’t have enough volume, so she facetuned Selena’s hair to add volume.
Cameron Dallas who was a Viner, then a Youtuber, now is a model for Dolce and Gabbana. Dallas is part of MAGCON which is a group of social media stars that tour around the world from being famous on Instagram, they perform songs, dance, and have skits. Buzzfeed was looking for an employee that had a body like Dallas’. Buzzfeed wanted to experiment with social media to see if they would like and follow the employee, and see if they noticed the employee’s account. An employee, Spencer Althouse, copied Dallas’ post which featured a picture of Dallas sitting on his bed with a platter of breakfast. The caption was “Is there a better way to start off a morning than this? Probably not…” Althouse got a lot of hate in the comments like “explain yourself,” because people notice that the worker copied Cameron’s post.
This copying or lying for followers impacted my generation. We need to bring back creativity and individuality to social media. It’s okay to have 100 less followers, its’ okay not to act someone you’re not, and being who you are is the greatest feeling. Use social media platforms to showcase who you are.

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