Thanking Our School Counselors

Charlotte Crook, Editor in Chief

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The week of February 5th was School Counseling Week across the country. This week is dedicated to thanking the people who help students everyday with scheduling, future planning (for college, a career, or the military), testing, and personal issues in a student’s life. As last week was cut short due to snow days, some students wanted to take the time this week to honor our counselors at SCHS and all they do for us by discussing their positive experiences with the counseling department.
Khyla Aguirre and Chase Cote, both sophomores who have Mr. Wharton as a counselor, discussed how the counseling office has helped them throughout their high school experience so far, and with preparing them for college.
“Mr. Wharton helped me because he knows I want to go into a business major, so he set up my schedule to help me go into that field,” Khyla said.
Chase added, “I’m taking some new classes this year, and Mr. Wharton helped me change my schedule around, and I’m glad he did, because I would’ve been taking classes that I think are irrelevant now.”
The counseling office offers more than just scheduling, however. There are opportunities for students to help their peers and the counselors through peer facilitation. Caroline Downing was a peer facilitator for her junior year, and is one now for her senior year. Caroline has enjoyed her experience and highly recommends it to any underclassmen. As a peer facilitator, Caroline helps other students get organized, and runs passes for the counseling office. Sometimes peer facilitators will tutor, mediate between students, or help a student who may want to talk to another teenager about a problem, rather than an adult.
Caroline wanted to say thank you to the counseling department, saying, “Our school would not run without them! We need them, because they do so much that no one even realizes.”
Megan O’Neill, a junior, has Mrs. Quinn as her counselor. When asked how Mrs. Quinn has helped her, Megan replied, “She’s helped me figured out which classes would be best for me to take, and which ones would be the most beneficial to me.” Megan continued, “I might switch out of a class and she might help me with that.” If Megan were to say one thing to her counselor, she would thank her for guiding and helping her through her classes.
Senior Monika Wisner, who has Mrs. Seargeant as her counselor, spoke of how Mrs. Seargeant has helped her overcome personal obstacles, saying, “Mrs. Seargeant is very personalized, so she really got to know me as a person in order to help me to further my education.” Last year, Mrs. Seargeant helped Monika schedule classes to help her grow her confidence, as she explains, “She made sure that I was in classes like Drama and Public Speaking. She was trying really hard to make sure I was reaching my full potential.”
The positive experiences that these students have with our school counselors reflect how they have helped all of their students, and how much they care about what they do. The next time you have an appointment with your counselor or see them in the hallway, thank them for their hard work!

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Thanking Our School Counselors