Student of the Month- January and February

Monika Wisner, Author

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February students of the month Noah Black, and Charlotte Crook alongside January students of the month Kelly Sigmon, and Jefferson Campos

Kicking off 2018,  Jefferson Campos and Kelly Sigmon were awarded January’s students of the month.

Jefferson is known as a positive individual. He always comes to school with a positive attitude, gives uplifting advice, and, no matter what, gives a helping hand with a smile on his face. He is a beginning ESOL student and is still learning English, but is always trying to learn new words and improve his speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills in English. Shown by his academic achievements and rare absences, he is a determined, hardworking, responsible student.

Kelly is a driven individual who is willing to work her hardest, asking for help and starting over when needed. She’s been the Buddy Director of the Best Buddies and has attended leadership conferences over the past two years. She has participated in Corollary sports during each year of high school, including bocce ball, corn toss, and bowling. This year in bowling, she has challenged herself to bowl without bumper guards and increased her score each week. She is also the co-historian for the Class of 2018 and sings, dances, and acts in Stagelighters productions.

February’s students of the month were Noah Black and Charlotte Crook.

Noah is a mature and responsible student. He challenges himself academically with Honors and AP classes and is currently enrolled in the engineering program at the Career and Technology Center. He is also enrolled in summer engineering programs to help him learn more for a future career in electronics and computer engineering. Not only is he strong academically, but he is a talented artist which is shown through his musical talent in band and marching band, drawing and painting skills both in and out of Stagelighters set painting, and acting abilities in a few Stagelighters productions. He is an intelligent and committed student.

Charlotte is a dedicated student who has challenged herself with Honors and AP classes throughout her high school career, earning a weighted GPA that places her in the top 1/4 of her graduating class. She is also very involved in club and organizations in South Carroll including, but not limited to, Stagelighters, Green Team, Young Democrats, GSA, National Honors Society, and Educators Rising. In these clubs, she hold leadership positions such as president of Green Team, event coordinator of Young Democrats, and secretary of Educators Rising. Wishing to pursue a career in either high school education or as a journalist, she is committed to her education. This commitment has allowed her acceptance as a Student Page alternate that gave her the opportunity to spend a week with the state legislature and to be an assistant for the English department. She makes sure that everyone is involved and included, and will go out of her way to do so.

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Student of the Month- January and February