West Virginia Strike Ends After 9 Days

Amanda Swank, Author

On February 22, teachers all over the state of West Virginia went on strike, pushing for a 5% raise. The Labor Unions representing the teachers stated that they would not return to school, until the raise was given. Previously,  West Virginian public school teachers earned an average of $45,000, which placing them among  the lowest paid teachers in the country.

The strike began the day after Governor Justice, signed a piece of legislature providing public educators a 2% salary increase, beginning in July , as well as a 1% pay raise in 2020 and 2021. Teachers’ Unions argued that this did not help the employees with the cost of living expenses in West Virginia: the bill did not cover anything on health-care expenses, or payroll deductions.

After a 9-day strike, West Virginian governor Jim Justice, has signed a bill on Tuesday, giving a 5% raise to all public school employees across the state as well as a hold on raising health insurance costs. This victory for the West Virginian teachers has ended the strike and teachers are back to the classrooms.