Stephen Hawking Dies at age 76

Amanda Swank, Author

Stephen Hawking, a renown theoretical physicist, passed away on March 14th 2018, due to ALS.  He had an incredible impact on the science community and is best known for his work in cosmology, specifically black holes and the theory of relativity.

In the 1960s Hawking worked on theorems regarding singularities within the framework of general relativity. Hawking predicted that black holes should emit radiation  He has also published several works in which he discusses his own theories and cosmology in general, and was widely considered one of the greatest scientists the world has ever seen.

At the age of 21, Hawking was diagnosed with ALS, or “Lou Gehrig Disease”. Doctors had incorrectly predicted that he would only have several years left to live, but ended up living to age 76.

Hawking received 12 honorary degrees as well as the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the US’s highest civilian honor, in 2009 by President Barack Obama, despite being a British citizen.