Meet the Dogs of South Carroll!

These perfect pets will brighten up your week!

Amanda Swank, Author

1. Kenai

Kenai is a 12 year old husky who belongs to Erin and Brady Keeley!


2. Diesel

Diesel is a lovable pug who belongs to Taylor Sraver!

3. Bailey

Bailey is a labradoodle who belongs to Ayden and Abbey Behn.


4. Murphy

Murphy is Kyle Russo’s 10 year old yorkie-poodle mix who loves to sleep.


5. Lego

Lego is an adorable pug owned by Quinlan Stafford.


6. Ruby

Ruby is Amanda Swank’s 1 year old cockapoo who loves to nap in the sun!



7. Henry

Henry is an English mastiff who belongs to Charlotte and Emerson Crook!

8. Jackson

Mrs. Bowers’ Anatolian Shepherd


9. Rosco

“He cuddles sometimes.”- Mr. Owings


10. Goldie

Goldie, Matt Geiger’s dog, looks absolutely stunning!

11. Ike and Isabella

Ike (left) is a free-spirited 7 year old and Isabella (right) is an 11 year old pug. They live together with Miss Fritts!

12. Rambler

Rambler is a perfect pooch belonging to Logan and Matt Daytner.

13. Dexter

Faith Hawkins told us that Dexter has accidentally eaten a battery (he’s ok).

14. Molly

Kailee Earp’s dog Molly is taking a snooze.