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Senioritis Kicks In

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Senioritis Kicks In

Charlotte Crook, Editor In Chief

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They call it “senioritis.” It hits you when you least expect it. You don’t think it will happen to you. I’m a good student, you think, I will always put 100% effort into my work. You’re wrong.

It’s fourth quarter, so you know what that means! With the temperature rising and the countdown to the last day getting shorter, seniors are getting a taste of the experience commonly known as senioritis. During this time of the year, seniors tend to lose motivation to complete work, strive for good grades, and even to show up to school. To underclassmen, this may sound extreme, but as any senior can tell you, once your post-high-school plans are set, it’s hard to find the motivation to hold yourself to the same standards you did in the past.

When asked if he thought he was going to get senioritis, Peter Wiley responded, “It already happened. I got it sophomore year.”
Hannah Chapla chimed in, saying, “My mentality is basically If it won’t matter after graduation, it doesn’t matter now.

Senioritis doesn’t only impact your schoolwork, however, it can impact extracurricular activities and sports. Having your grades slip could make you academically ineligible for clubs and after school activities, or you could just procrastinate on the responsibilities you may have. On procrastination, Jackson Foran, laughing nervously, said, “I’ve done 1 out of 5 required NHS events and I have less than two months left of school.”

Scheduling decisions are also heavily impacted by senioritis, or expected senioritis. Junior Lilly Cooper says that she 100% expectes to get senioritis and when discussing her schedule, said, “I’ve chosen all easy classes for next year.”

Seniors are generally split on senioritis, about half say you can avoid it by staying motivated, while others say it’s inevitable. Take our latest poll to let us know how you’re impacted by senioritis!

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Senioritis Kicks In