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Everyone Has A Story

Charlotte Crook, Editor In Cheif

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On Thursday, May 31st during third mod, there will be an assembly to share student stories. Students were asked to share what makes them who they are — what story they want people to know. Organized by the School Culture and Diversity Committee, consisting of students and administration, this assembly will be centered around diversity, obstacles students have overcome, and struggles students are still working through.

A handful of students have volunteered to present their stories through speeches, photos, poetry, and video during the assembly. Some have chosen to remain anonymous, and have asked other students to read for them. Many students have also anonymously answered short questions on note cards like, “What is your favorite thing about yourself?” and, “What’s your biggest fear?” These answers will also be shared during the assembly.

Some of these stories deal with particularly heavy topics, such as sexual assault, eating disorders, racism, and suicide. If you feel like you will need to opt out of the assembly because of the topics discussed, please talk to you counselor or Mrs. Tiffany.

The goal of this event is to educate students and staff on other people’s situations. Lilly Cooper, a member of the organizing committee, says, “I think people don’t consider that someone could be going through something that you know nothing about. I think that it’s very important that we bring light to those conversations that aren’t had very much in school.”

To get involved, talk to Mrs. Tiffany.

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Everyone Has A Story