Fall Fashion 2018

Jasmine Adetunji, Author

Fall is finally here and that means swapping out our sandals for boots and our shorts for jeans. I think fashion for the cold weather is the best type of fashion. It’s so versatile and it’s fun to wear warm, cozy clothes.


Faux fur coats are almost a staple in my closet every fall. Whether it be a big fluffy one or a light Sherpa looking coat like the one shown to the left. I think that these types of jackets have been in style lately and can go with pretty much every outfit. In this picture, it’s paired with a white tee shirt, some plaid pants, and some gold necklaces. I think this outfit is perfect for when it’s chilly in the morning, but the warmer in the afternoon.




This outfit shows is perfect for the transition period between fall and winter. This is because there are many layers to it and it will definitely keep you warm during those crisp autumn evenings, but not sweating. I really love wearing huge scarves. They are so cozy and warm, yet still very fashionable and change the entire look of an outfit. The outfit shown to the right shows how you can take a simple all black outfit and spice it up just by adding a scarf.









This last outfit is very stylish because of the over-the-knee boots. I think that over-the-knee boots transform an outfit and make it look more put together than it actually may be. I also really love turtleneck sweaters and am really glad that they have made a comeback these past few seasons. They are super fashionable and keep you warm if you don’t want to wear a scarf. The skirt in this look gives you a little bit of room to breathe for those days where it’s cold in the morning and warmer in the afternoon.