Self Confidence

“Any advice on how to help with self-confidence?”

I think this is a very popular question that students have and one that I get a lot in particular. In high school, it’s hard to have your confidence level at it’s prime. It feels like everyone is staring at you, judging the way you look, the way you dress, the friends you have, etc.

One of the biggest tips that I can give in is to stop comparing yourself to others. Yes, I know it’s way easier said than done, but I truly feel but one of the most influential ways to boost confidence is to avoid self-comparison in every way possible. So unfollow the people on Instagram who make you feel self-conscious about your looks, your life, etc. Also, unfollow those who spread negativity and encourage self-deprecation. This might mean cutting off a friend or two who may bully you or say bad things about you. On social media, everyone appears to have perfect skin, the perfect partner, perfect family, perfect life, etc. But the truth is, people only post the highlights of their lives. People only want to share the good times, never the bad. Take a look at your Instagram, even though it may not be intentional, you do it too! With this in mind, don’t waste your life scrolling through someone else’s.

Another tip I have is to catch yourself in negative thoughts. If you can only see negative things in another person, it is truly a reflection of your own insecurities. So when you catch yourself thinking “What is she wearing?” correct it. Maybe tell yourself “You know what? She can wear whatever she wants. What she is wearing doesn’t affect  me in any way.” Also, try to apply this to yourself. If you get a bad grade on a test instead of telling yourself that you’re a failure, tell yourself that you did the best you could and that you’ll learn from your mistakes so that you don’t make them again. Simple corrections like this will help you to change your mindset about yourself, about others, and about life.

Look in the mirror, tell yourself that you are a wonderful person and even though things could be better, you have a lot to be grateful for. You are loved and are worthy of it too. Keep your head up.

If you are still having issues with your self esteem, seek out a friend or adult that you trust to confide in.