Typhoon Mangkhut

Amanda Swank, Editor-in-Chief

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Typhoon Mangkhut, also known as Typhoon Ompong in the Philippines, formed on September 7th and dissipated on September 17th.  It was the strongest storm since Typhoon Megi in 2010, at a Category 5 super typhoon, and was the strongest tropical cyclone worldwide in 2018.

This was the 22nd tropical storm Asia has seen this year as well as the 9th typhoon.

Mangkhut made landfall in Cagayan in the Philippines on September 14th, around the same time Hurricane Florence was bashing the east coast of America. As the storm was as massive as it was, Hong Kong and Southern China and other countries were affected as well.

In Guam, 80% of the country lost power when the center of Mangkhut passed by. A mine collapsed in the Philippines, trapping miners inside.The Filipino government has estimated that about 5.7 million people in the country had been affected by the storm. Millions of people lost power and had to be evacuated in mainland China.

As of September 23rd, 102 deaths related to Mangkhut have occurred, 95 in the Philippines, 6 in mainland China, and 1 in Taiwan.

If you wish to donate to the victims of Typhoon Mangkhut, click on one of the links below.