How to Stay Motivated For School

Jasmine Adetunji, Author

“How to stay motivated to get work done?”

Lack of motivation is something that a lot of students go through. Especially if you’re a junior or senior with hard classes that assign a ton of work every day. There are some things that you might not have even thought about that make it easier for you to focus and get more work done.

(1) Get organized. It makes things ten times easier when you know when things are due and when things are in the right place. I recommend getting a planner or some sort of calendar. When I don’t have my planner I feel like my life is a mess. You also have to make sure that you actually use your planner. Writing down what you need to do and when they are due is helpful because no one can remember everything. Try to organize your things for each class into separate folders or binders, whatever works for you. Don’t fall into the habit of having an “everything folder.” An everything folder is just what it sounds like; every paper and assignment from every class are all contained in one folder.

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(2) Start a study group. Study groups can be really helpful if it’s with the right people. Sometimes it’s not the best idea to start a study group with your three best friends because work probably won’t get done. If you have some friends that you know are very hard-working and productive people, or if there’s someone in one of your classes who you think could help you, consider studying with them. Collaborating and sharing ideas with others helps for you to learn from others and helps them learn from you.Image result for study stock photo

(3) Create an ambient study environment. If you work better alone, make sure that you have a place where you know that you’ll work best. The environment you study in should be clean and clear, whether it be your room, your desk, a study room. It’s okay to be extra with it and get comfortable, light some candles, play some music. But also make sure that your study space is a place that you are set up to be productive in. A local coffee shop or the library is a great place to go if you can’t study at home.

(4) Reward Yourself. Try to give yourself little incentives to finishing certain tasks. After you finish a homework assignment, watch 10 minutes of your favorite Netflix show. If you get an A on a test you’ve been studying for, go out with your friends over the weekend. It doesn’t have to be huge things, but try and give yourself little rewards that will motivate you to get things done.

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(5) Give yourself a break. Don’t try to do one million things in one day. It okay to relax, and it’s okay to take breaks. Make sure that you’re not overworking yourself.  When you’re forcing yourself to do too much work, it makes you even more stressed and less motivated. Don’t burn yourself out. This is why it’s important to stay organized and have a reasonable schedule for when you’re going to be doing schoolwork.

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School can be very tiresome and tedious to do, but it’s something that we all have to get through. We should also try to see the value in education even though it may not be the most enjoyable thing to do. We are so lucky to be able to receive public education for free, so we should take advantage of it.