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5 of the Best Current Cartoon Network Shows

Deana Brown, Author

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Have some spare time on your hands?  Wondering what shows you should binge watch next?  Look no further, here are five of the best current shows on Cartoon Network!

Based on IMDB ratings, the top 5 Cartoon Network shows are as follows.

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1. Adventure Time

With a rating of 8.6, this show is about a 12 year-old boy and his best friend, a 28 year-old dog with magical powers, go on a series of bizarre adventures together.

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2. Steven Universe

With a rating of 8.3, it is about a team of intergalactic warriors fight to protect the earth.  But having three highly trained beings with one quirky young boy leaves the team struggling to overcome the dangerous situations put in front of them.

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3. Regular Show

With a rating of 8.3, this show includes the daily unreal adventures of a blue jay and a raccoon that attempt to deal with their jobs as groundskeepers at a local park.

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4. The Amazing World of Gumball

With a rating of 8.2, It is about the life of a 12 year-old boy who happens to be a blue cat that lives with his family and other weird creatures.

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5. We Bare Bears

With a rating of 8, this show stars three bears who try to fit into the human society by doing what everyone around them does.


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5 of the Best Current Cartoon Network Shows