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The SC Marching Band plays at the Homecoming pep rally

Deana Brown, Author

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Friday, October 12th is the homecoming pep rally to get students excited for the homecoming football game.  Since the marching band didn’t get the chance to perform at the first two football games, Kyle Russo talked to the administration and they allowed the marching band to play at the pep rally.

The Chronicles interviewed Alexa Kuykendal to ask what her standpoint is about the decision.  “The gym will have a very heavy effect on the band’s sound.  The noise will echo back, unlike on the field where the music just stays in the air.  The gym’s echoing will also cause the music to be much louder, being in an enclosed space.  Also the audience is much closer than they are at the football field so that will also cause the music to be louder.”

“I like the idea, just not that we’re playing in the gym.  I think it’s cool that the marching band can show the whole school what hard work has turned into.  I just think it would be better if we didn’t play in the gym but rather somewhere we can be loud and move around.  We aren’t able to show the cool shapes and marching techniques just by standing in the gym,”  Alexa told the Chronicles.



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The SC Marching Band plays at the Homecoming pep rally