Which Class has the Most Spirit: Spirit Week!

Faith Hawkins, Author

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As we come down to the last week before homecoming, spirit week is upon us. The cavs showed their South Carroll pride this week by dressing up for the following spirit days: Tropical day, Class theme day, Groutfit out, and black and gold day.

The first day Tropical Tuesday students wore lei’s, floral patterns, Hawaiin shirts, and flowers in their hair. Seniors Shannon Finch, Perry Goodale, Mason Gavin, and JJ Blazek show off their hawaiin shirts.

The second day was class theme day to where each grade dressed as there movie genre. Freshman wore capes and mask for their movie genre, Superheroes. Sophomores said yeehaw in the hallway to show western movies. Juniors spirit was out of this world! They dressed up in crazy legggins and space buns to show space movies. The Seniors although the oldest class had a forever young vibe as they dressed up as Disney Characters.

Day three was a big hit for students almost every student participated! The spirit day was groutfit a very trendy theme where you wear an all grey outfit like the students below:

Day four was pep rally day where athletes wear their uniforms and students wear SCHS school colors: white, black, and gold.


At the end of the week the class with the most spirit points wins a spirit stick and money for your class. AND THE WINNER IS…

Congratulations! Class of 2022!