Hurricane Michael Hits Florida

Sophia Acuna, Author

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Hurricane Michael created devastating damage after hitting Mexico Beach in Florida. The category 4 hurricane completely destroyed most homes and buildings, only sparing a lucky few. Entire homes were thrown 100 yards away and water flooded the fourth floor of apartment building. As of October 12, the death toll is at least 11 people.

Mexico Beach before and after Hurricane Michael hit.

Florida is not the only state that will be facing Hurricane Michael’s destruction. The hurricane is predicted to stretch north all the way to Virginia. Cities that are far inland will still feel an actual hurricane.

Hurricane Michael is the strongest hurricane to ever hit Florida’s panhandle. But despite the destruction the hurricane has brought, residents are holding on to hope. “Hope is that even if the storm does come, even if I lose my car, my house, my family, even if I lose my life, blessed be God. Our reward isn’t just in this life but in the life to come. So we’re just trying to give people hope at this point,” said Reverend Luke Farabaugh of St. Dominic Catholic Church in Panama City. With time and teamwork, Mexico Beach might return to the gorgeous city it once was.