Homecoming Memes

Faith Hawkins, Author

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School dances are known for their awkwardness and weird situations. Like the ones that you see in the movies! Since, Homecoming has now passed for students I bet you had at least one awkward encounter at homecoming so here’s some memes to make light of the situation and hopefully you cant relate too!

  1. Ah, there’s always the person that has to go to the dance alone. If this is you, try this move!
  2. Of course, the dance is going to have a chaperone so just save yourself from getting yelled at and save room for the big guy. 3. Everyone stresses about makeup, hair and nails before homecoming. But after breaking it down on the dance floor you end up looking like this…4. If you got em flaunt em…I hope everyone enjoyed Homecoming and survived through the awkward life of high school. 🙂