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Self Care Tips and Remedies

David Nicely, Author

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With the end of the quarter coming up and students stressing and cramming in material, stress and anxiety comes along with it. Here are some remedies and tips to help you detox and unwind the night before a big exam or test.

  1. A face mask/skin routine: This will help you feel pampered and add back some moisture into your skin from lack of care (we all know skin is the least of your worries when studying for an exam, Brenda)


2. Make a healthy snack: eating something on the healthier side will make you feel good overall and get in your nutrients, like avocados or peanut butter.


3. Take a hot bath/shower: Hot water is scientifically proved to relax muscles, calms nerves and mind and helps to open up your blood vessels, allowing more oxygen and nutrients to flow to major organs.


4. Skim over notes for the next day: This will refresh your brain before going to sleep, helping you retain the information longer

David Nicely, Author

Hey! My name's David and I'm a makeup junkie, dog enthusiast and visual artist. I love watching 80s/90s movies and being surrounded by my friends and family....

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Self Care Tips and Remedies