What’s Hot at Homecoming

Jasmine Adetunji, Author

(1) Julia Wall.

Julia caught eyes in a two-piece black mini dress embroidered with beautiful floral patterns. She found this dress on the website Lulus.com and felt that it was different from what was typically worn at homecoming. She also stated that this dress made her feel more confident from the ones that she has worn in the past and was definitely one that was unlike the ones that she wore during her underclassman years. She looked absolutely stunning as seen in the photo and definitely stood out from the sea of typical black dresses seen at the event.

(2) Ryan Sealfon.

Ryan flexed in this sleek all black ensemble, seen to the right. He was definitely distinctive from his peers, who mostly wore khaki pants and button ups, which still looked formal, but didn’t really stand out. Ryan is quite passionate about high fashion and this outfit proves it.





 (3) Jasmine Adetunji

Jasmine sported a red bodycon dress with bell sleeves, a ruffled neckline, ruffle details on the torso. She also felt that her dress would be unique to the ones that her peers wore, because of the contrast of the bright red shade against her skin tone, and the subtle complexity of the dress. She matched this dress with a pair of clear booties, also standing out from the typical heel worn by most.







All three of these students stood out at homecoming in their own unique ways. Overall, the looks reviewed were top notch and showed that students at South Carroll have their own styles and fashion senses.