Cavalier Commits: Getting Ready for College

Faith Hawkins, Author

Seniors are applying and deciding their path after high school. For some students they commit to a school for sports or academics pretty early in the year. So, here’s some students you should congratulate in the hallway for their decision on where they will be spending the next four years.

First, we have Megan O’Neill she will be attending McDaniel college for soccer in the fall.

What are you most excited for? “To be apart of a new team with new experiences. Also, getting to know my teammates.” 

Another sports commit is Grace Fipps she committed to Salisbury University for field hockey.


What are you most excited for? “Living in a new place with new people.” 

Up next, we have Riley Evans who committed to Saint Joseph’s University for lacrosse.


What are you most excited for?  “To get closer with the girls on my team and be able to play more lacrosse.” 

Another soccer commit is Jamie Ditullo who committed to Frostburg University.


What are you most excited for? “Meeting new people and playing college soccer.”

This is an exciting time for all seniors that have started applying and choosing their future. Keep up the good work CAVS!