Makeup Isn’t Just for Women Anymore

David Nicely, Author

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Makeup has been around since the first civilization of people. A tool used to enhance natural beauty or completely change someone’s appearance, has mostly been utilized by women. From the ancient Egyptians using kohl as eyeliner to current day, makeup plays a huge role in the worlds beauty standards. By the 20th century, makeup was seen as a girls-only pursuit.


More recently the internet has been flooded with the hashtag “men in makeup”, a movement started by male makeup artists and lovers to showcase their appreciation and inclusion in the mostly “female dominated” community. This movement is all about guys who want to feel confident in their appearance and has a revolutionary thought that makeup just isn’t for women. Men of all sexualities, backgrounds and races can come together to embrace who they are and support one another.




Men in makeup before it became “mainstream” was mostly used in the entertainment business, like rock-stars and drag queens. We have trailblazers like David Bowie, Prince and Ru Paul to thank for paving the way to normalize men wearing makeup. It’s time we stopped throwing things into categories solely designated for either men or women.