Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting

David Nicely, Author

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A man with a history of posting anti-immigrant social media posts burst into a synagogue shouting and opened fire on the Saturday services in Pittsburgh, killing 11 people and wounding six more.  Forty six year old Robert Bowers was taken into custody after being wounded in a shootout with police at this horrific scene. Investigators believe he acted alone.


Posts believed to be from Bowers’ social media accounts show pictures of several pistols in their cases and derogatory remarks about Jewish people, refugee’s and President Trump.


Tree of Life immediate past president Michael Eisenberg told KDKA-TV that there were three congregations meeting, totaling around 100 people, at the time of the shooting. They were gathered in the main part of the building, as well in the basement and in the rabbi study room, he said. The shooting occurred during a baby-naming service. Eisenberg said he spoke with a maintenance man who hid in one of the bathrooms during the shooting and witnessed a shot congregant before fleeing through an exit nearby.

“There were police cars everywhere, guns drawn, rifles,” he told KDKA-TV. “It was surreal.”


In the interview, Eisenberg said synagogue officials recently adjusted the exit doors to make them easier to open, which probably saved the lives on many on Saturday. During Saturday services, the front door is kept unlocked, allowing visitors to come and go freely, he told KDKA-TV.

Security has always been a concern at the synagogue but the shooting will force officials to rethink their threat-prevention measures, Eisenberg said.


Mass shootings are becoming more and more common in America, when will something be done to protect us and the people who call this place, “home”.