Movie Clueless Comes Back Into Fashion


Sophia Acuna, Author

The hit 1995 film Clueless, about rich girl Cher Horowitz and her over-the-top life in Beverly Hills, is making a comeback 23 years later. For starters, Cher’s most iconic look from the film, a yellow plaid skirt and jacket combo, is suddenly resurfacing in many clothing stores and even on runways. An off-Broadway musical based on the film will also begin previews on November 20 and open on December 11 this year.

Image result for clueless yellow outfit
Cher’s yellow plaid outfit in the film vs an outfit inspired by Cher’s iconic outfit seen on the runway.

But the biggest news is the recently announced remake of the film. The remake will have Tracy Oliver (writer of Girls Trip) and Marquita Robinson (writer of Glow) writing the script. It will be set in modern times rather than the 90s. Reception to the announcement of the remake has been mixed: some people are excited to see a modern take on the classic film, but others don’t think that it won’t be able to live up to the original.

Because production has not begun, not much else is known about the remake besides the writers and the setting. The stars of the original film (like Alicia Silverstone or Paul Rudd) have yet to confirm if they are going to return for the remake or not. In the mean time, fans are already coming up with their own dream casts for the remake.