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Educators Rising Prepares for Veterans Day Breakfast

Faith Hawkins, Author

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Every Year South Carroll High School holds a Veterans Day breakfast for the  veterans that live in our community. In preparing for the breakfast, the school makes a showcase bulletin board to welcome them to South Carroll High School. This year, the Educators Rising Club, a club to prepare new teachers for the future, has taken on the task to complete the bulletin board. The breakfast will be held on November 12th, 2018 in the school cafeteria.

Creating the board:

The bulletin Board was made by future teaching interns Emma Eckert, Faith Hawkins, Madi Slaughter, Riley Evans, Kailee Earp, and Mia Mackenzie. They made an American flag with the words “Home of the Free Because of the Brave.” to thank the veterans that have made our country free.

The Finished product:

South Carroll tries their best to thank troops past, present, and furture in anyway to show respect and honor them for the service they have done for this country.


Faith Hawkins, Author

Hi, my name is Faith Hawkins. I'm a senior at South Carroll High School. I Have played field Hockey and tennis since my Freshman year. This is my first...

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Educators Rising Prepares for Veterans Day Breakfast