Are School Uniforms A Good Idea?

David Nicely, Author

I asked the students and staff at South Carroll on the idea of school uniforms: Helpful? Or restricting? Here’s what they said. 


Q: How do you feel about school uniforms? 

A: Amanda Swank, Junior: I think they are unnecessary but I can see why they are an option for lower income schools (they don’t have to worry about keeping up on the latest “trends” and can just focus on their schooling).



Q: Do you think school uniforms are beneficial to students?

A: Faith Hawkins, Senior: I think in some cases it puts students on an equal scale and eliminates bullying as far as attire, but for me personally I wouldn’t like them.



Q: With school uniforms in mind, do they eliminate freedom of expression/speech?

A: Mrs. Jen Brauer, Student Support Teacher: If you’re told to wear an outfit like for a private school, that is kind of expected of you. It really also depends on the situation and limitation of the schools themselves (if you can accessorize etc.). But yes, I do like the idea of them overall.




Q: If we had school uniforms, would you like them?

A: Lea de Lausnay, Senior: I like them, my mom grew up in South Africa with uniforms and they were super strict with them so maybe not as restricted as that but I do think it would unite people and wouldn’t allow space for others to be bullied.