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South Carroll JROTC Wins 1st at Meet Qualifier

Amanda Swank, Editor-in-Chief

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On Saturday November 3rd, South Carroll’s Raider Team, made of Garritty Burdt, Seins Burdt, Josh Crumback, and Steven Simmons, won 1st place in a best of the best Raider meet qualifier at Fredrick Douglass High. The South Carroll’s Raider Team will be going to the Fourth Brigades Best of the Best Raider Meet, which is the equivalent of Regionals. Keep reading for a Q&A about the Raider Team!

Q: What is a Raider Team?

A: A Raider Team is an auxiliary team the JROTC program supports. There are different teams, each with nine people, that take part in different events. The winning team at the meet qualifier was the lightweight team, made up of members who aren’t too bulky.

Q:What do you do at a Raider Meet?

A: A Raider Competition is a very popular athletic competition held within JROTC programs around the U.S. The events are held outdoors in state parks or large expansive wooded areas. There are five events, a PT Test, a 5K, Rope Bridge, a Liter Carry, and a fifth event chosen by a Senior Army instructor.

 Q:How do they practice for a competition?

A: Every Tuesday and Thursday, members of South Carroll’s JROTC are bused over to Century High School to work on their core, and upper body strength, along with practicing for the rope bridge.

Q: What is the Rope Bridge Event?

A: Every Raider event has some form of Rope Bridge Construction and transportation component. Members of each team use their physical and engineering skills to carry, build and cross a rope bridge. South Carroll’s Lightweight Raider Team has a record time of 1 minute and 8 seconds, known across the county!

 Q:What does this win mean for South Carroll’s JROTC Team?

A: Last year, the Raider Team including South Carroll’s Garritty Burdt, Seins Burdt, Josh Crumback, and Steven Simmons almost made it to the qualifier, but sadly did not make it. However this year, their spirits are a bit higher for the spring competition, after being defeated last year.

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South Carroll JROTC Wins 1st at Meet Qualifier