Crazy Work Stories at SC

Faith Hawkins, Author

Most Students in high school start working at their first real job. Students need money for many things such as gas, clothes, and food.  Although most of these jobs aren’t glamourous they lead to great stories. So, we asked students about their personal weird work experiences and boy, did things get weird.

  1. The five second rule….or maybe 10?

Lilly Cooper tells us that one time while she was working her coworker had dropped a pizza for a customer on the ground. Now normally you would apologize and make a new one but her coworker picked it off the ground and served it to the costumer. Wonder if this would pass the health inspection?

2.  Drive thru more like prance thru.

What do you do if you don’t have a car and want to go through a drive thru? Well, we may have found you a solution. Sophia Acuna who works at a window in a drive thru says, that one time she glanced out the window and noticed that the customers were actually riding horses as they received their meal. A new but creative way of transportation to a fast food place.

3 . A Macaroni Mystery

Loyalty is a big thing between coworkers, never snitching is a golden rule. But what if your coworker did this? Kayla Cox says, that there is a mystery at work about who is eating mac and cheese in the bathroom. Her boss found several bags of eaten mac and cheese hidden in different locations of the bathroom. Nobody came forward for the crime, but we are hoping the criminal finds some new hiding places.

4. You are picking up for WHO?

We love the classic prank calls. Faith Hawkins, who answers phones for carry out, received an interesting call. As she took a normal order of a cheese pizza she asked the customer what his name was for the order he responded “Peewee Herman”. An odd name but maybe his parents just liked the comedic star with a weird voice. When he arrived he told her that Peewee Herman was his hero and he used it for every carry out order.

5. No pain No gain.

Jon Boyko, who works for his dad in a pool making/landscaping business, was working on a job one day, when he found a snake. Before he knew it the snake had bitten him, sending Jon on a trip to the hospital.

Whether you hate or love your job you should consider writing these quirky moments down that could potentially give you a good laugh. If you have these crazy experiences a lot at your work just remember that money is money and keep working hard!