Voting and Election Outcomes!

Faith Hawkins, Author

On Tuesday, November 5th 2018 people in our community voted for the midterm elections at our local schools Parr’s Ridge Elementary school, Winfield Elementary, and here at South Carroll High School.  The Midterm elections is where people vote on new repersentives in the middle of a term for the executive branch of government.

Some South Carroll students showed up to the voting polls to show support for Jessica Douglas who was running for District 4  State Senate and Ysela Bravo who was running for State Delegate. Both being moms in the community and involved in PTA. Presidents of the Young Democrats Club Lilly Cooper and Faith Hawkins supported these candidates by passing out stickers and information packets outside of the polls. Although these candidates did not win the election the support of students is great way to share your voice even if you can’t vote. 


The two main candidates running for Governor was Larry Hogan and Benjamin T. Jealous. Larry Hogan for the Republican Party a heavy supporter of environmental issues and Benjamin T. Jealous for the Democratic Party if won would’ve been the first African American governor for Maryland and believes in a tuition free college. Governor Larry Hogan was leading in votes the whole time polls were open, making him the governor for his second term after being elected in 2014.

Ben Cardin running for U.S. Senate for the Democratic Party had no competition and took  62% of the votes. The Attorney General was also from the Democratic Party was given to Brian Frosh. For the U.S. House of Representatives the new members consist of 7 Democratic Party members and only one from the Republican Party. State Senate now consist of 30 from blue and 14 won from red. Last but not least the House of Delaware’s had 95 won from Democratic Party and 41 from Republican Party.

Voting for political figures is such a privilege for citizens to share your voice and get involved with the government. Although I know many of you can’t vote right now, gaining information and building a political stand point is helpful to society in many ways.