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Dave’s Faves: Top 5 Mobile Apps

David Nicely, Author

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 Hey, I’m David and every so often I will be popping in to do a series I like to call “Dave’s Faves”, a little series I put together of my current obsessions and must haves. I hope you enjoy reading these and benefit from what I have to say. Thank you for reading!


#5: Co – Star: Free

This app reveals what your astrological sign (that’s your typical sun sign), your moon sign, your rising and so much more. I have learned so much about myself through the readings and very accurate predictions. Even if you don’t necessarily ~believe~ in astrology, it’s still entertaining to read.


#4: VSCO: Free (some packs may cost money)

Everyone uses this app nowadays. I always run my photos through this app before even thinking about posting them to my social media. With lots of filters and adjustments, this is an easy way to step your photos up a notch.


#3: Bettr: Free

Finally, an app that schedules a time for you to post! This is a perfect app to have for posts that need to be up by a certain time. This app also tells you when the right time to post your content, more engagement means more attention by others. A god-sent for anyone with a busy schedule who still wants to post frequently.


#2: 8mm Vintage Camera

Take a step back into time and record your dialy life through the different filters inspired by said eras. I love this app SO MUCH.



#1: Google Duo

I have friends who do not have an iPhone like I do, and I found Google Duo to accomidate for them not having the Facetime video call feature like me. I can use this app to video chat with them  despite having two different kinds of phones! It uses your phones phone number and it super simple to set up. I recommend it if you have had the same problem as me.


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Dave’s Faves: Top 5 Mobile Apps