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Crazy Rich Asians: Movie Review

David Nicely, Author

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Seeing this movie was actually one of the most spontaneous moments of my September. I didn’t think I would like it beforehand, just because I’m pretty critical…. (it’s because I’m a Gemini probably).

I loved everything about this movie. It wasn’t boring, it kept the audience involved. I felt a whole array of emotions, I cried, laughed and was in shock the entire time. This movie kept me so on-edge. I admired the directors way of making events happen after one another, to keep the watcher entertained. If I had to describe Crazy Rich Asians to anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, it’s basically a Romeo and Juliet love story except with a lot more mature themes and Romeo was grown up in a very very wealthy family.

On the way to the theater, I thought of how it was finally time Hollywood produced a major studio film since “The Joy Luck Club”.. which released almost a quarter-century ago, in which an Asian filmmaker told an Asian-American story with Asians in all of the leading roles.  But, entertainment aside, many of these controversies, of course, could be lead back to specific historical awareness and cultural issues. And which country in the world wouldn’t feel protective of its depiction by outsiders, let alone Hollywood? Set in Singapore with a story about a Chinese family, Crazy Rich Asians and its bold claims of representation has ended up as something of a lightning rod for such.

It’s focus on East Asian faces immediately provoked complaints of its lack of diversity from Americans of South and South East Asian heritage, and the Twitter hashtag #BrownAsiansExist was then created.

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Crazy Rich Asians: Movie Review