Favorite Seasons of Students at SC

Deana Brown, Author

The changing of seasons is beautiful.  Did you know that the earth is actually closer to the sun in the winter time?  All the different colors and the different type of animals that come out during the seasons make for a lovely year.

The chronicles interviewed Alexa Kuykendal, Kal Hardesty, Nadja Bloetner, and Tyler Fineman what seasons they like the most.  “Fall.  The weather is not yet too cold or too hot.  There are lots of seasonal activities and the colors are beautiful,” Alexa reported to the chronicles.  “Fall because it’s the perfect sweatshirt weather and my grades haven’t plummeted yet,” Kal said jokingly.  “Spring.  I like the flowers blooming and all the beautiful colors.  Also my birthday is in the spring,”  commented Nadja.  “Fall.  I like autumn leaves and fall is a good variation in the weather.  It’s not too warm and it’s not too cold.”

Fun facts about each season!

Fall: Fall is caused because of the earths tilt and not because of the distance from the sun.  Also, the fall colors are caused by the amount of sugar in the leaves.

Winter: The average snowflake falls at 3 miles per hour.  Also, one blizzard can drop 39 millions tons of snow.

Spring: There’s more sunlight this time of year because of the earths tilt towards the sun.  Also, one the first day of spring, the sunrise and sunset are about 12 hours apart everywhere on the earth.

Summer: July is national ice cream month.  Also, Ice pops were invented in 1905 by an 11 year old boy.