What I Learned After A Week Without Sugar

Amanda Swank, Editor-in-Chief

In an effort clean up my diet, I’ve decided to go 5 days without any added sugars. This, however is such a challenge due to the inordinate amount of sugar in everyday foods. In this article I’m going to document my daily meals, thoughts, and struggles to shine light on what’s really in our food.

Day 1: 11/26/18

The first day has gone well so far, for breakfast I had oatmeal with banana, cinnamon and chia seeds, along with a large glass of water. I was disappointed to find out that my favorite cereal, Cheerios, has 1 gram of added sugar in it, disqualifying it from my consumption.

Because I don’t normally have breakfast, this morning I felt more alert, and full, helping my concentrate in Algebra 2, where I am normally distracted by hunger. For lunch I had a bag of white rice, applesauce, an apple, and some carrots.

I was unusually tired after school, so I took a rather long nap before having a Philly Steak and Cheese sub for dinner. Now, I’m not totally sure that my dinner was sugar-free, but at the time I didn’t really care. I couldn’t have the Sprite that came with my meal, which made me a bit irritated, but I think Day 1 was a success.

Day 2: 11/27/18

Today’s been a bit rougher than yesterday. My breakfast included a banana and some leftover turkey from Thanksgiving (which I’ll admit is a weird combo). The tiredness from yesterday seemed to carry over to today, which is less than ideal. I think my body is starting to process the fact that I haven’t been meeting my sugar quota as of recently, which may explain the irritability.

Today’s lunch is a bit better than yesterday, including some tortilla chips (I was excited to find out that they don’t contain any sugar), applesauce, carrots, and a turkey sandwich on my mother’s weird sugar-free bread.  I don’t understand why so many brands of bread contain sugar? It’s bread! It doesn’t need sugar!

The drowsiness disappeared after school and I was surprisingly energetic! Dinner today consisted of my mom’s homemade cheddar broccoli and chicken casserole and after I finished my homework, my day was over.

Day 3: 11/28/18

It was really hard to turn down the donuts my mom bought for this morning. My breakfast was the same as Monday’s: oatmeal and a banana which is starting to taste better this time around. I’ve noticed that my skin is looking better and my acne is healing faster than normal, which I’m excited about.

Again, my lunch was the same as yesterday’s: a turkey sandwich, applesauce, carrots, and tortilla chips. I’m still craving sweets, but not as much as I was yesterday and Monday.

Home-made Cincinnati Chili was my dinner today, and I’m so glad that it’s sugar-free! It was so good! I kind of forgot how food can still taste good, and be healthy at the same time. The sugar cravings I’ve had aren’t as bad as previous days, which is really great.

Day 4: 11/29/18

It’s almost over! I’ve noticed several things towards the end of this week: my breath doesn’t smell as bad as it normally does (is that TMI?) and the cravings for sugar are almost non-existent at this point. I’ve also lost a little bit of weight, which was to be expected.

My breakfast was a bit different from other days, I had an avocado and some toast (with sugar-free bread as always). Before this week I didn’t know avocados could taste this good!

Lunch was the same as yesterday; I was too lazy to think up anymore lunch ideas. Dinner was some leftover Chili, (I can’t help it-it’s so good) which I thoroughly  enjoyed.

Day 5: 11/30/18

Today is the last day of my sugar-free week! I’m excited to be able to finish off the pumpkin pie, but it might be a tad too sweet after going this long without sugar.

For breakfast I had some leftover Cincinnati Chili, since I’m still not a huge fan of traditional breakfast food, which was really good. I’ve noticed that eating typical dinner foods for breakfast often keeps me fuller for longer amounts of time…maybe it’s the protein?

My lunch is finally different today! I had a banana, some carrots, a turkey sandwich, and some strawberries, which were quite good. I’ve also noticed that fruits have been tasting much sweeter than they have before, which makes eating them more enjoyable for me.

Final Thoughts:

I did it! I wasn’t completely sure I would make it this long without accidentally (or purposefully) eating some obnoxiously sugar-y food. I highly recommend other people to try this out as well! It’s okay if your diet doesn’t permit it, you can always try to lessen the amount of sugar you consume. What’s most important is to do what’s right for your health, and this is a great way to make sure you stay healthy.