Anxiety and Stress Workshops at SCHS

Amanda Swank, Editor-in-Chief

Students over the past few years have mentioned that anxiety and stress are two of the more concerning topics they would like South Carroll to address. So, South Carroll has decided to run a number of workshops between Thanksgiving and winter break, providing students with some tools and strategies that can help them reduce stress and better cope with their anxiety. Space is limited in these workshops, so please sign up early. All workshops will be held during CAV Time. Students may register in the Counseling Center or sign up on our website by clicking “SignUpGenius” link:

Sessions include…

Anxiety is as Common as Having Feet, Nov. 26, by Ms. Huber

You don’t have to feel alone with anxiety. Participate in an open discussion about what anxiety is, what it looks like, and how to deal with it. There’s even an app for that.


Relax with Art, Nov. 27, by Ms. Katz

Discover the joy of art with Color Sheets. Relax and explore how easily art can distract your mind from the stresses in your life.


Focused Breathing, Nov. 30, by Mr. Wharton

Learn and practice different breathing exercises to help you relax, refocus, re-energize, and reduce stress.


Mindful Eating, Dec. 3, by Mrs. Quinn

People often eat without paying much attention to what they eat. Mindfulness can improve your attention, handling stress and decision making, even about food. Come talk about (and taste some foods) that will help you focus your attention to food and how to bring that attention and mindfulness to help in other areas of life!


The Rubik’s Cube, Dec. 4, by Mr. Klezer

Learn the Rubik’s cube. A great fidget item to help distract you from your thoughts and anxieties.


Woodworking 101, Dec. 7, by Mr. Novotny

Learn a new skill. Start a new hobby. Use your hands and mind for a creative outlet.


Fun with Improv, Dec. 11, by Mrs. Widner

Learn Improv games that can be used to release tension after a hard day.


Meditation Made Easy, Dec. 13, by Mr. Shea

Practice the basics of meditation and experience its power over anxiety. Take home some apps you can use on your own.


Make your own Stress-Relief Fidget, Dec. 14, by Mrs. Seargeant

No supplies needed. Just bring some creativity and imagination to make your own stress-relief item


Exercise Made Simple, Dec. 17, by Mr. A.J. Rusbosin

Exercise is one of the greatest stress reducers. Learn some simple things you can do on your own, even if you don’t belong to a gym.


Super Foods, Dec. 18, by Mrs. Adkins

Participate in this food demonstration while learning how foods can impact the chemistry in your brain. Take home some recipes and taste some of the delicious samples.