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How Going To Therapy Helped My Social Anxiety

David Nicely, Author

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At a young age, my family could tell I had an anxiety disorder. Growing up and attending public schooling didn’t make it any easier. In Freshman year of High School, I was asked by my primary care doctor if it would be beneficial to start taking medication to alleviate my symptoms like an upset stomach, uncontrollable shaking, headaches, panic attacks and many more. When asked this, I instantly declined. I previously had a horrible stigma with medication as far as treating mental illness. My mentality was that taking a pill would only make things worse for the person and you could easily fall trap to forming an addiction.


If I could go back in time, I would definitely start anxiety medication sooner… but I didn’t. After a few months of horrible migraines in which during them I could not get out of my bed to do anything, I decided to go back to the doctors. At the appointment, my primary doctor brought up the idea of medication once more. I finally told her, after some positive affirmations, I was ready to start.. and ready to change.


I noticed a change the first time I took the pill, not an immediate change due to the fact I took the pill… but because I was finally bettering myself as a person and putting my metal health first. After months of growth and positive outlook, I was definitely ready to start the next step in my self enrichment journey. Talking to someone about my problems and thoughts was so scary at first. Opening yourself up to someone to be judged and to reflect on is by itself one of best decisions I have made. When I talk to my therapist (who know I consider a pretty close friend), I feel security, wanted and cared for.


Throughout my time with her at the beginning, it was weird for me to talk about topics with her.. because I didn’t want her to have a negative opinion of me or my thoughts. But, I quickly realized after my first few trips that she was not there to be the judge, she was there to give feedback that would only help and comfort me. Seeing my therapist has really helped me so much. She has almost in a way blossomed me into the person I am today. Taking a daily medication, talking to a professional and forming a bond can really go hand and hand. Thank you for listening to my story.

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How Going To Therapy Helped My Social Anxiety