5 Ways To Make A Cozy Home

David Nicely, Author

Want a home that is more relaxing? Keep reading to learn some tips on making your estate a cozy wonderland.



1.) Add cotton carpets to blank, empty areas of your house. This will fill up space and make everything seem more closer together, plus… cotton feels very nice to walk on.

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2). Soft Accents – Having throw pillows and a blanket on the couch in the living room. By having these items in the living room, guests visiting will feel more “homey” and relaxed when coming into the house.

Living Room Reveal: Before and After


3). Invest in (or make your own) candles. Candles will ALWAYS make any room smell and look peaceful/at ease. By having a little flame in areas of the house this will make anyone, including yourself, feel more cozy.

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4). Buy a bird feeder. Setting a bird feeder by your window will attract beautiful outside critters. Seeing this, especially in the mornings will always be a relaxing time.

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5). Lamps – Turn off your overhead lighting and add lamp light to your room. There isn’t much better than that. Lamp light makes for cozy room. For a larger space try a tall standing lamp and a table lamp. So you’re not in the dark but yet have great lighting for your room.

Smyrna Living Room AFter-6