Tech Design Students Sell Handcrafted Items at South Carroll

David Nicely, Author

The Tech Design students in Mr. Novotny’s class are making hand crafted Christmas crafts and gifts for the community. Everything from tree stands to mini Santa’s, there is something for everyone.  I asked Mr. Novotny about the cause of this beneficial idea.

Q:  What inspired this idea?

A: “I just wanted a way to give back and allow the class to help the community.”


Q: Why choose your Tech Design class for this project?

A: “This group of kids is amazing and knows what their doing, they are very experienced in this kind of environment, I don’t have to worry much.”

(Pictured: Tim Novotny – Technology Education)

The handmade crafts are for sale right now, ending the week before Christmas Break (Dec 21)!

The students told me that this project was their favorite in the class. Working along side them, I felt so good creating crafts and gifts for others at a very low cost.

(More products to come – Christmas Tree $30)


(Small Santa – $5, Small Christmas Trees $10)


(Limtarh Ngong – Senior)


(Cell Phone Stands – $10, Snowman $5)